Sunday, August 28, 2011

48 hrs to submitting Chapter Four...

I should get back to writing! I have about 10 pages to go and Chapter Four (of four) will be complete.  I submit it to my adviser on Aug. 31, then have two weeks to rework my intro, write a five page conclusion, edit chapters three and four, and format the whole thing! On top of this, I'm teaching at two colleges (four sections; two courses), but when you have to accomplish something, you just do!

So to motivate myself, here are a list of things I look forward to upon defending:

  1. Never paying another semester bill at SUNY Binghamton
  2. Returning 100+ books to two different libraries 
  3. Seeing the surface of my dining room table, coffee table and nightstand
  4. Watching bad TV without feeling guilty
  5. Going for a hike without feeling guilty
  6. Going out to dinner, a movie, a friend's house, a bar, a road trip, or Vegas with my girlfriends without feeling guilty!
  7. Joking that I'm the kind of doctor that is of absolutely no use in an emergency situation
  8. Having my students call me "Dr. Ray" for one class, then going back to "Susan"
  9. Telling my husband it was worth it
  10. Thanking my family for supporting me through this and actually coming through
  11. Having this tremendous weight lifted off my shoulders

Okay! Sufficiently motivated, now back to work!

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  1. Two weeks later, and now editing chapter 4, keep it up, almost there!

    your faithful research assistant.