Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving on up!

Susan, you have been working so hard the past week; I am so proud of you! How did you get through three books in an afternoon??? But seriously, keep up the good work; even though I don't post everyday, I read your posts and keep up with your activity.

I like what you've been doing: re-reading the fiction and re-visiting your notes. I hope to get to work on that soon. My task is to finish Langston Hughes's autobiography after I'm done with grading this week (seriously, I won't let it go past Sunday!). I started reading it while I was working on the rough draft of Chapter 1, but I didn't finish it before I gave birth. It's been on the back burner ever since the spring semester ended. I'll have to put down Franzen's Freedom so I can finish this in record time.

The Mellon Dissertation Completion Fellowship's deadline is November 10th, and I want to apply, so I'm going to use that to motivate me to complete the draft of Chapter 1. Last time I applied I didn't get anywhere, but I'd like to think this time I have a better idea of my project and where it's going. Let's see how it goes!

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