Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Productivity & Nietzsche!

Was shocked and elated with how well Nietzsche went over in class today! We briefly touched on Formalists vs. New Historicists, which also was well-received! Yay!

It's 3:30, so far I've read through all my notes for my first field exam and highlighted the gems.  Also, just finished typing up key passages from McCauliffe and Great Hoggarty Diamond.  I find that when I sit down to write, having approximately 10-30 passages per works serves as A) a great refresher of its key points and B) a great way to simply cut and paste that brilliant passage you want to use!

Tonight I'll keep reading through the ancient library copy of The Irish Sketchbook until my new one arrives.  Also ordered a more recent edition of Barry Lyndon that's not falling apart.  Rereading these works has been immensely helpful! At first I thought it was a time waster, but rereading them in tandem with the criticism has been magical! Happy Tuesday!

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