Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gotta do something!

First off: Susan, this is great news! I'm glad you'll have less sections next year. That will make so much of a difference! And if they're all the same class, even better: just one class prep! :)

Second: I am about to run off to the living room and watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Mr. F, but I want to make sure I log in my work for today. Today I had hoped to invest time in my proposal and in reading, but it just didn't happen. As a result, I was finishing up with grades at 8:30 pm, and feeding Miss E. right after that. I hadn't gotten any reading done and was about to call it quits, but then I thought: I gotta do something. So I read the first few pages of David Levering Lewis's When Harlem Was in Vogue. I already have some ideas stewing and scribbled them on some post-its for tomorrow. Hey, something's something, right?

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