Sunday, October 3, 2010

Reading and grading

Although I love teaching, when you have to grade that just throws off your whole schedule. Susan can attest to that. I did not finish grading last weekend, as I planned, so it spilled over to the week and I finished it Wednesday morning. Friday I got another stack of papers; those I'm hoping to do in spurts so I can get some reading done!

I am still working on reading Langston Hughes's autobiography The Big Sea in preparation for revising chapter 1. Even though I try to do my dissertation work on Tuesdays and Thursdays and class prep on weekends, I have to get the reading done over the next few days if I plan on getting back to work on that chapter for November. I feel a little weird about going back and reading what I wrote in February, but I have to. Gotta start somewhere, right? So I plan on finishing my read this week, and next weekend start with revision.

Susan, I hope you were able to finish up all your grading!

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