Thursday, February 24, 2011

Holy cow! Success!

Despite the rain outside (and Blue's outright refusal to get wet, regardless of how long he might have to hold it), it's been a gloriously productive day! First, I uploaded my dozens and dozens and dozens of pages of notes to Kinko's website and had it printed as spiral notebook for the low price of $15! Having all of my citations/quotes there for me to flip through and annotate has made this process abundantly easier!

And, I met my writing goal today: 5 pages.  I figure at 5 pages a day, I'll have my new refined version of Chapter One up and running when Craig arrives next week.  

To be clear, I have notes and quotes and rants and paragraphs for three chapters thus far, but currently the refined and finalized products are being restructured, and I'm once more, for the last time, rebuilding Chapter One from the ground up.

More good news, my abstract for the Mid-Atlantic Conference of British Studies, March 26-27 at Pennsylvania State University, Abington, was accepted! I'll be heading back to Philly for that weekend to not only reconnect with the academic community but see some of my Philly friends over the weekend.  Plus, this means I'm writing about Thackeray and India next, as I need to have 10 solid pages to present on!  

Good things all around, hopefully more momentum tomorrow!

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