Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mucho Productivo!

I've been having some health problems and being bed/couch-ridden the better part of the week has really dampened my spirits.  I came across a passage in one of Thackeray's letters (1854) that really summed it all up:

"I think I have been ill ever so many times since you went: that is why the time has passed away so swiftly: why I haven’t written either books or letters, and why the latter must be so stupid.  I mope about alone, avoid company, sit up stairs in my rooms, and am sick of being unwell, that’s a fact” (Letters & Private Papers I: 656).

On the upside, I found a wonderful doctor--at first I was put off that she's my age (or younger) but then remembered, "wait, I'm freak'n old," and she's been incredible!

Thanks to her, today was 'mucho productivo'--Liana feel free to correct my butchered Spanglish!

Made it through:
Ó Síochái, Séamas. Social Thought in the Nineteenth Century. Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2009.
Sadly, compiled of essays tailored to specific authors, nothing on Bill Thack.  Pulled a few key quotes from the introduction.

Fisher, Judith L. “Image Versus text in the Illustrated Novels of William Makepeace Thackeray.” Victorian Literature and the Victorian Imagination. Ed. Christ, Carol T. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1995. (60-87).
This article was brilliant! Focused specifically on Vanity Fair in her critique of the relationship between Thackeray's illustrations and his writings.  Pointed out that the dark drawings of characters like Becky Sharp are to reinforce to the reader not to trust the narrator (who continually makes excuses for her plotting).  Excited to apply these ideas to Irish Sketchbook and see how they hold up!

Klotz, Ganther.  “Thackeray’s Ireland: Image and Attitude in the Irish Sketchbook and Barry Lyndon. Literary Interrelations: Ireland, England the World. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 1987. (95-102).
This article is so spot on and even irked me in that several of the points he makes reflect my own ideas... wish it wasn't from 1987!!

On a side note, I have 200+ pages of notes.  Craig and Noella are going to inflict bodily harm if I don't start producing finalized pages ;-)

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