Saturday, February 5, 2011

Winding tunnels of research...

So all that I'll accomplish today is typing up the aforementioned notes from the aforementioned Apes and Angels. It makes me think of how hard it was for doctoral students 30-40yrs ago who had to plunk ALL of their work out on a typewriter and a mistake could lead to a complete overhaul! Still, it's daunting typing up hundreds of pages of notes (which you do when you're neurotic like me) and I long for future days when my kids will think typing notes out of book is primitive.  They'll simply read passages aloud or scan them and they'll magically appear properly formatted in their document!

Anyways, typing up notes is a remarkable accomplishment for my current mental state.  I think I definitely fried some braincells during the toilet cleaning escapade... I got home from Buffalo this afternoon and could barely form a sentence, plus it was all I could do from heading to bed at 4pm! Still, it was a wonderful trip, catching up with Jess and Chief & Ally and meeting baby Coraline.  It's wonderful to have those magical friendships where you don't see them for a year or more, then sit down to dinner and you haven't missed a step! Jess still remains one of the most wonderful people to talk to, conversations ranging from politics to pop culture, to teaching to old friends, and Chief & Ally are absolutely glowing in their parenthood.  I can already tell they're those loving yet cool and collected parents that every frazzled couple envies!

But back to my notes... driving back from Buffalo I realized that I keep finding an interesting idea or book, and I start following that train of thinking, which takes me to another book, another theory, another concept, and I follow that "tunnel" which is leading me further and further away from my original purpose.  One could literally follow these tunnels of knowledge forver.  It's time to sit down and write! To be continued...

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