Friday, March 4, 2011

a page every 3 hours??

So even though it's Craig's first day here, I spent a solid amount of time in front of my laptop.  Earlier today her and Ga ran errands, one being a trip to the Verizon store where he picked me up a Droid ('the incredible'?).  I understand it's a very cool, high tech phone, but I personally feel to out-dated to use it!

Anyways, I spent my work time today editing, revising, reading through my notebook of quotes, entering in relevant quotes, cutting passages (I have a ten page document entitled "Cut Parts), writing new passages...
and at the end of the day, I've added a whopping two pages! WTF?  How miserable!  At least the chapter seems cleaner and more cohesive. In short, my confidence in the project is up, but my page productivity is down for the day...

At least my love is here to offer supportive hugs and tease me when I bang my head against the tabletop...

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  1. hey girlie!

    Just wanted to say great job on cranking those pages out and it's such a nerdy/dorky thing, but reading your blog helps me feel connected to the academic community which strangely, i'm missing a lot! <3