Monday, January 31, 2011

8 days and counting...

So things are progressing; after a health debacle, a subsiquent round of the blues, and numerous doctors appointments, I'm feeling better and more optimistic.  I heart back from my adviser and she recommends I stick to my original plan: thus I'm rereading Barry Lyndon. Today I made it to page 200, will finish it tomorrow, most likely at Toyota as I'm waiting for the Prius to receive her bi-annual maintenance.

The car needs to be in tip top shape because on Feb. 8 I'll be starting my cross-country journey to St. Louis where I'll indefinitely be staying at my grandmother's, contingent on Blue setting in and the two of us not making her crazy!

So bottom line, I need to rework the pages I have, but there's a plan in the works, and I'm feeling oddly optimistic...

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