Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not-so-climatic birthday...

I'm not going to lie people, not too much is going to get done today! This birthday may not be as climatic as my last one, but still... My parents are taking me to see The King's Speech and then for a beer and a bit of trivia.  Flashbacks to 1981-83 when my birthday was just me and my folks, rather excited about ti!

However, I am arranging my criticism notes and have pulled down all the books I think I should peruse or re-peruse and think I'm getting a bit overzealous... see the picture attached!

My plan of attack for papers has always been to type up ALL the passages from both fiction, letters and criticism that I might use, then just start writing, pasting in my "building blocks" as I go. Hopefully this will work equally as well for a 40-50 page Chapter.  Also, I think another lightbulb went on: going to focus on Thackeray's  personal and fictional writings about Ireland 1842-1845.  I think much sharper AND simpler than trying to pull in his whole career! What do you think?

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