Friday, January 14, 2011

Craig's here!

So this entry will be short... Craig's here! He got four hours of sleep so he could start driving at 6am and get here  just after 1pm.  Poor guy took a shower then napped for a few hours, but then we cooked dinner together and just sat in front of the fireplace and talked.  Very perfect, very Victorian (except Craig helped with the cooking and cleaning up!)

As for work, I think it's finally clicking! Sally Mitchell (of Temple University, a well-known Victorian scholar especially knowledgeable of Victorian periodicals) tipped me off to a great database.  Also, typed up 30 pgs of notes from Irish Sketchbook, then realized it's taking too much time! I started finding the best excerpts, carefully rereading them, then pasting them from online.

Drank a ton of caffeine and took a break to walk the dog with my dad.  Don't think I stopped talking for a minute of it! I'm actually starting to believe that I have something to say here...

More tomorrow!

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