Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue birthday beginnings...

So Craig left today... Last night we had a delicious dinner at home and played Apples to Apples with my folks--lots of smiling and laughing all around! Thus seeing him leave was doubly hard.  It both means back to the grindstone and another 2-3 weeks without my husband, which seems pretty unbearable at the moment.

He left at noon, but i saw him again at 1:30 because he'd left his wallet! Turned around and rolled into a gas station in Edinboro on fumes! My dad and Blue rode with me, we transferred the wallets and a few goodbyes, and that was that.  Next, I paid an exorbitant fee join the Erie YMCA, but it's just too divine! Full gym, TVs on every machine, full-length pool with 6 lanes, sauna, even wireless, couches and a coffee shop! I think it will help me keep physically well and form a better routine.  Plus I can give my parents a bit more space from time to time!

As work, finished typing up all my notes and passages from The Irish Sketchbook.  Plan on finishing all the excerpts from his personal letters meant for CH 1 before the night is through.  But somehow I'm not feeling it today... feel kind of melancholy and old with tomorrow's birthday approaching. Definitely not as monumental as the last one and really missing teaching.  I KNOW this is the right move; with my inability to juggle such two massive tasks coupled with my persistent back (and other random health) problems, this is the right move.  Just lonely today...

Back to typing!

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